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  • Aroma

Enjoy the Outdoors Without Bugs

Many of us have fond family memories of our family picnics and camping adventures. With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, so is summer and the call to the great outdoors.

Whether your outdoor adventures include family time in the backyard to eat hamburgers, hotdogs, and chili or hiking and camping under the stars, none of us enjoy the time being interrupted by mosquitos and bugs.

Here are our top tips for enjoying your time outdoors without bugs and pests!

It all starts with a strong deterrent

Many people know of 2 ways to attempt keeping the outdoor pests away.

  1. Bug-Spray

  2. Burn citronella candles

How about a 3rd option that works better and more naturally. Bug sprays contain many additional toxins and anytime you burn anything you create carcinogens!

Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors & Patios

Use pure Essential Oils to fill the air around you with the Citronella Essential Oil Blend. A Diffuser provides natural, pure, powerful, and healthy scenting with the natural plants that mo