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Enjoy the Outdoors Without Bugs

Many of us have fond family memories of our family picnics and camping adventures. With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, so is summer and the call to the great outdoors.

Whether your outdoor adventures include family time in the backyard to eat hamburgers, hotdogs, and chili or hiking and camping under the stars, none of us enjoy the time being interrupted by mosquitos and bugs.

Here are our top tips for enjoying your time outdoors without bugs and pests!

It all starts with a strong deterrent

Many people know of 2 ways to attempt keeping the outdoor pests away.

  1. Bug-Spray

  2. Burn citronella candles

How about a 3rd option that works better and more naturally. Bug sprays contain many additional toxins and anytime you burn anything you create carcinogens!

Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors & Patios

Use pure Essential Oils to fill the air around you with the Citronella Essential Oil Blend. A Diffuser provides natural, pure, powerful, and healthy scenting with the natural plants that mosquitos and bugs hate!

The Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors & Patios creates a barrier around the unit immediately. Producing the fine mist once it is turned on, creates a barrier that mosquitos and bugs do not want to pass.

The fine Citronella Essential Oil Blend mist will float in the area around you. keeping the insects 20ft from the Diffuser.

Portable for all locations

Portable and convenient, you can run this Diffuser anywhere! Using 3 x AA batteries, you are not limited to having electricity in order to keep the bugs away. If you are camping in the great outdoors, the Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors will keep you from being the mosquitos meal.

The is NO foul smell, and there is no health hazard for you and your family!

Plant bushes that bugs don't like

Keeping pests and insects away doesn't always have to be a game of catchup. In addition to your regular maintenance program, plant some of these plants in your garden to deter insects of various species.

Citronella grass

Everyone knows this is an ingredient in mosquito repellents, but a lot of people don’t know it’s grass. Plant this grass in gardens, or have it in planters near your doors to keep mosquitoes and flying insects from getting inside when you open the door.


This might be the best plant to deter bugs. Various insect species are known to will stay away if you have some of these around. Some bug repellents use an ingredient in this flower because of how effective it is. These flowers deter:

  • Ants

  • Japanese beetles

  • Roaches

  • Bed bugs

  • Spider mites

  • Ticks

  • Silverfish

  • Harlequin bugs

  • Lice


Mint is a great ingredient for cold summer beverages and goes well with strawberries! It can repel spiders, ants, and mosquitoes. But be careful when you plant mint because these plants spread rapidly!

With your backyard all ready for the summer family picnics, all that is left now is to enjoy and create memories that will last a lifetime with the Our Aroma Citronella Essential Oil Diffuser for Outdoors & Patios, and no bugs!


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