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Our Aroma Wholesale

Our Aroma is one of the world's fastest-growing scenting and natural skincare companies and brands. The high-quality natural product collections give your store a unique offering. Our resellers have noticed an incredibly high "return customer" rate for the Our Aroma products giving them a great ROI and store traffic.

The Our Aroma Resellers Marketing program has been beneficial to our partners in promoting their stores and highlighting that they are partners with the global brand, Our Aroma. The 10% of their purchases marketing budget has been used by our partners in advertising their stores with social media, print advertising, and event sponsorships.

Join our global reseller network and be part of the rewarding adventure that just makes scents!


Our Aroma looks forward to supporting you and your efforts. Please do not forget to include us in all your social media posts, you can tag us @yourownaroma


Contact Our Aroma if you have any questions and register your store as a reseller.

High Sell-Through Products and Brand Recognition

Register Your Store as an Our Aroma Reseller

Thank you for your registration. An Our Aroma team members will reach out shortly.

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