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How to Install a Whole Home Scent Diffuser

We all love an inviting home and the scent can make it even more inviting than ever. A whole home scent diffuser offers a huge benefit over any other scenting solution, painless and effortless, pleasing scent throughout the whole home.

Benefits of a whole home scent diffuser

A whole home scent diffuser offers you the ability to scent your whole home with very little effort.

  1. Programming a whole home scent diffuser is easy and allows you to dictate when the diffuser creates the scent. Program the diffuser for times that you are home and times that suit your schedule.

  2. The whole home scent diffuser allows for the air ducts, already in your home and designed to distribute the air evenly, to scent the whole house at the same time.

  3. Atomized oil particles are broken down to a 2.5-3 micron size. This allows for the scent to waft throughout large spaces.

  4. Lower maintenance and management efforts due to the diffuser drawing the scent or essential oil from a larger bottle of the scented oil or essential oil.

  5. The scent variety available is broader than any air fresheners available in most stores. Our Aroma has a catalog of over 40,000 unique scents. Copying any scent means that the options are growing each day.

Installing a whole home diffuser

Installing the diffuser is relatively easy for any homeowner to do. First thing is to program the whole home scent diffuser to your ideal schedule. Here is a video as an example of how to program the Our Aroma Whole Home Diffuser.

Connect the diffuser to the air vents

The whole home scent diffuser has a push-in connector that allows you to connect a plastic tube or an aluminum tube between the diffuser and the air vent. Drill a hole as close to the blower motor so that it will push the oil vapor throughout all of the air vents evenly.

As the whole home scent diffuser diffuses the scent or essential oil, it will travel through the tube into the air vents and then into each room as the HVAC heats or cools the entire home.

Enjoy the whole home scent diffuser

The number 1 benefit of a whole home scent diffuser is an effortlessly well-scented home or space. Once the diffuser is programmed and filled with the essential or scent oil, you will be welcomed home with the warm and inviting scent of your choice.

Our Aroma is the world's leader in creating all-natural bath and body, and skincare products that are good for you and the environment! Contact us to schedule a time to create your own products in one of our stores near you.

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