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Keeping a fresh appealing scent is something that we can all appreciate. Body odor is natural and part of being active, whether you are walking up stairs or running on a treadmill. So while creating the odor is unavoidable, what is the solution?


Perfume is a great solution, however by spraying on the scent, many people get a little tickle in their nose. There are various qualities available. Aroma produces Eud De Parfum perfumes and colognes, but many people do not like perfumes or colognes.

Bathing in oils

In ancient times, the wealthy and affluent people would bathe themselves in oils. The pressed or steamed oils used today would be placed into the tub and they would soak in the oils. You can add perfume or essential oils to your bath to soak in, the problem is that it is a very costly and time-consuming way to leave your house each day.

Solid Deodorant Sticks

Aroma has spent the last 3 years testing and creating the perfect solid, All-Natural Deodorant sticks in the market. The years of testing and studying the recipe has created a lasting scent that goes on clear and does not stain or mark clothing! The blend of all-natural ingredients does not leave your skin sticky and is absorbed so that you are not aware of it being there.

Key ingredients to an All-Natural Deodorant

The ingredients used are not chemicals! An all-natural deodorant should be using naturally derived products in the creation of the product. The use of waxes, kinds of butter, and essential oils are paramount to a true all-natural deodorant.

Do not contain Aluminum

Active ingredients like aluminum and zirconium salts form gel-like plugs in the sweat ducts. Many deodorants in the past and at present use this chemical to stop you from sweating. By clogging your glands you trap toxins within your body and poison yourself.

Do not contain Talc

There are many lawsuits presently underway due to the consequences of using talc. Commonly used years ago to freshen us up, talc is proven to cause cancer and other issues!

Do not contain parabens or phthalates

Parabens are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogenic and disruptive of normal hormone function. Phthalates are also known to be hormone-mimicking chemicals, many of which disrupt normal hormonal processes, raising concern about their implications for increased breast cancer risk.

Scenting of your All-Natural Deodorant

Essential oils are concentrations of nature's beauty, scent, and goodness. The higher the percentage of essential oils in the product, the stronger the scent and longer that it will last. Aroma All-Naturals are 15% Essential oils qualifying them to be a Eud de Parfum. Even after a long day at work, you will still smell fresh doing pushups at the gym!

Himalayan Salt kills bad bacteria

Applied under our arms, the Himalayan salt neutralizes the bacteria that create the body odor. When added to your deodorant, the pure natural scent of the deodorant comes out and you continue to have a pleasant scent all day.

Aroma produces personalized and custom all-natural deodorant for women and men that allows you to create your personal scent. We also have some of our favorite scents which are added to our standard inventory. Why not have a look and see for yourself why we are getting such great reviews about our all-natural deodorants!

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