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Concentration of Essential Oils

We are often hearing the list of benefits to Essential Oils, hearing how powerful small quantities of the oils are. Aroma thought that it would be a good idea to share with you why our Essential Oils are so effective and potent.

We really need to consider the following when using Essential Oils, although you may only use 1 or 2 drops of a liquid how much of that raw product was squeezed into those drops will help you understand the reason why we need to continue to be cautious when dealing with Essential Oils.

Rose Essential Oil

In order to distill the Rose Essential Oil, Aroma needs to extract the essence of the Rose from the petals. In order for us to reclaim 5ml of the Rose Essential Oil we need to use +- 245,000 petals from Roses.

Each drop of the Rose Essential Oil uses +- 2,450 Rose petals!

If you think that Roses have 25 petals on average, 1 drop of our Rose Essential Oil has +- 100 Roses worth of petals. The distillation process crams the essence of 100 Roses into 1 drop of Oil!

In order to obtain the nutrients and effects of 1 drop of the Rose Essential Oil, you would need to buy 8 Dozen Roses, squeeze, roll or juice the petals for application. That is a lot of Rose petals!

Although some Essential Oils are easier to extract than others, it is true across the board, Essential Oils are highly concentrated forms of the original flower, fruit, root or plant and therefore, care should be taken when dealing with them!


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