Aluminum and Breast Cancer Risk

There has been much debate recently about the inclusion of Aluminum into deodorants particularly. As a reminder, aluminum is used in antiperspirants to stop the production of sweat at the gland.

What is the truth?

What makes this whole thing more confusing is the "evidence" presented by both parties. This type of information fills the internet. Contradicting evidence and claims are made, and so anyone that does real research will certainly be confused.

The Purpose of Aluminum

As mentioned, Aluminum is used in deodorants to reduce sweating. It blocks the gland's ability to excrete sweat when the body's temperature starts to rise. The aluminum from the deodorant is absorbed through your skin and into the bloodstream. If the aluminum was not absorbed, it would not reduce the amount of sweat.

The Real Link between Aluminum and Breast Cancer

A recent study in mice reported evidence supporting this hypothesis. Mouse breast cells treated with aluminum chloride, at concentrations that have been detected in human breast tissue, formed large metastatic tumors when implanted back into mice. Judging from this study, it seems plausible that aluminum-based antiperspirants could cause breast cancer. But epidemiological studies are needed to determine whether it happens in humans in the real world.

A more recent study, incorporating both epidemiological data and aluminum measurements, showed that women who used antiperspirants and deodorants were at higher risk for breast cancer and had higher aluminum concentrations in their breasts. The study also found that women with breast cancer had higher levels of aluminum in their breasts than those without breast cancer, irrespective of antiperspirant use. That is, breast cancer may be linked to aluminum, but antiperspirant may not be the relevant or only route of exposure.

The common-sense approach is to be cautious until the definitive evidence confirms the hypothesis. The Aroma All-Natural Solid Deodorants are made with wholesome ingredients naturally sourced to give you safe and healthy products. Aroma doesn't take away from the performance though and ensures that our products give you a great scent all day so that you can be confident no matter if you at gym or in the office, you will smell great!

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