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What is a VOC?

Volatile Organic Compounds: Gases that are emitted directly into the air from solids and liquids.

One would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t believe the fumes associated with paint, paint thinners, adhesives and plenty of other home-improvement and hobby materials are anything less than unhealthy. The source behind many of these products’ negative health effects is Volatile Organic Compounds.

We spend most of our time indoors in the modern society, essentially exposing ourselves to the sources of indoor air pollution throughout the day. In some cases, the culprits of VOC's can be undetectable, but in many cases, they are detected by following your nose! We know the telltale scent of a just-out-of-the-box electronic device or fresh-from-the-factory carpet or upholstered furniture. Sure, these scents are associated with the joy of new stuff, but they’re frequently related to the chemicals integral to production, chemicals that are known sources of indoor air pollution. It’s not so much that any one of these things is emitting noxious fumes; it’s more that our home is filled with various items that do.

This reminds me of a time when as a kid, my mom borrowed an electronic item from a friend. Without too much information, you could very easily tell what made up their staple diet, curry. It was amazing to me that this piece of plastic and metal could carry the scent so strongly that it overtook the scent in our own house.

We use 15 times more petroleum to power our vehicle than is used as ingredients in consumer and industrial products, yet the amount of chemical vapors released into the atmosphere through scented products is roughly the same as through fuel emissions.

"As the transportation sector gets cleaner, these other sources of VOCs become more and more important," lead author Brian McDonald, a NOAA scientist. The chemicals found in generic items that most people use every day — like your shampoo, perfume and cleaning products — now have as much of an impact on air pollution as vehicle emissions. That's according to a new study led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that also includes researchers from several universities.

Aroma Essential Oils are derived from plants through distillation and steaming. Our oils are therapeutic grade and Natural, therefore the scent created from any products created by Aroma is 100% Natural! You can purchase our oils for use in diffusers of various types to create a Natural in home scent or you can purchase the Aroma Room Scents products to get a fresh Natural scent throughout your house. Aroma also uses the same Essential Oils in all our products created like Perfume and Cologne, Bath and Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner, Candles, Lotions and Hand Soaps.

Aroma, it just makes scents!

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