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Oil for November '18

Aroma produces all our products with "All Natural" and authentic Essential Oils. We like to highlight the products that we use in all our products and why they are so good for you.

For the month of November, with cooler weather, long sleeve and the leaves on the floor, we thought that our Iris Essential Oil would be a very relevant oil to share with you. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties will keep your skin protected from infections

Iris Essential Oil that Aroma produces is a proprietary processing method that takes between 2 and 3 years. We steam distill the roots of the flower (Orris) for the pure Iris Essential Oil.

Iris essential oil is fascinating for people who prefer homemade candles, incense sticks, bath products, perfumes, and body lotions. The fragrance from the bathing products and air fresheners will put you in a relaxed mood.

The plant got its name from the Greek name for rainbow, Iris, which also means the rainbow goddess. One of the most common ornamental flowering plants in the United States, irises are one of the favorite flowers of many!

The oil is beneficial in treating a variety of ailments, skincare, and used in cosmetology.

Antibacterial properties– The oil destroys bacteria and inhibits its growth. Therefore, it cures and protects the skin and scalp from, eczema, acne, psoriasis and the barber’s itch.

Relieves coughs and Lung congestion- Iris essential oil has mucus thinning properties that ease out the removal of mucous.

Pain killer- Iris essential oil has skin numbing properties that reduce the perception of pain.

Halitosis relief- The aroma in iris essential oil helps reduce bad breath.

Antidepressant- The fragrance is sweet, floral and earth. It is efficient in soothing nerves and enables mental relaxation.

Diuretic- The oil increases the rate at which urine is passed and will cause you to totally empty your bladder. Hence, the oil allows faster flushing out of toxins and helps prevent water retention.

Anti-inflammatory- The oil is effective in reducing signs of inflammation such as tenderness, swelling, redness, sunburns, and pain.

Astringent properties- It is efficient in pore reduction, curing minor injuries and relieving skin inflammations. It works by contracting the skin.

Antifungal- The oil is potent in killing fungi. Therefore, it is efficient in the treatment of ringworms, nail fungi, and athlete’s foot.

Antiseptic- Iris oil kills disease-causing germs. It prevents further infections in minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes.

Natural emollient- The oil contains skin-softening properties. It heals dry, chapped skin and keeps the skin soft and moisturized.

Prevents formation of gallstones- Iris oil fosters the flow of bile from the gall bladder and promotes easy excretion, thereby preventing the formation of gallstones caused by the concentration of cholesterol and bile in the gall bladder.

Diffuse or topically apply the Iris Essential Oil Blend to not only bring a fresh, clean scent but stimulate your immune system and positive disposition.


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