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Shampoo That You Can Customize

What is a customized shampoo? Is it a shampoo that has simply had your name printed onto the bottle, or is it something more than that?

We are all different, with different ages, different locations, different skin types, and different diets. There are so many variables to consider and for many of us, we buy various products till one works the way that we like it.

Shampoo customized

Investing thousands of dollars into various shampoo brands and products to find the "right one" is not only an expensive option but one that can take forever to solve. What are some of the variables that you can have adjusted for your personalized shampoo recipe?

Custom scented shampoo

Sometimes we may find the perfect shampoo, but the scent it leaves in your hair is not one that you would have chosen. Customizing the scent of your shampoo is one variable that you can choose. Do you want a more floral, musky, or citrusy scent?

Hair Oil

As we get older, our hair becomes drier with less moisture. Women over 50 may need to add moisture to their hair, while a man in his twenties may have excess moisture from physical activity. Women with longer hair also tend to have drier ends than those with shorter hair. Customizing the amount of oil added to the shampoo and conditioner is a variable that needs to be considered.

Hair texture

Do you have straight hair or a more curly hair strand? Keratin is a marvelous ingredient that seals and coats your hair. If your hair follicles are damaged or have a curly bend, keratin will eliminate the frizz and make your curls look healthier.

Our Aroma starts with Natural earth-sourced ingredients that comply with the USDA organic labeling, Vegan approved products. Our Aroma does not utilize harsh chemicals and methods known to place toxins on your body.

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