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Summer is round the corner

Aroma creates personalized perfumes, colognes and scents. Creating these personalized and customized products requires us taking many variables into account to ensure that the product not only smells great but represents you.

The Aroma Skin Test allow us to understand your unique skin and more about you. One of the questions asked of our customers is the city of their residence. We require this information to understand the weather conditions and climate that our customer lives in, due to the way that this impacts the performance of your products. The variances impacting the performance based on the weather are humidity or dryness of the air, average temperatures through the year and the variance between the summer and winter months.

Humidity - The level of water molecules in the air impact the flow of air through your skin. The more water molecules that there are, the longer that your perfume, cologne or scent will remain on your skin. The humidity also impacts the speed at which the oils evaporate and leave your skin.

Average annual temperatures - The higher the average temperature in the area that you live, the higher the perspiration rate is. Perspiration stop your scent oils from evaporating and bind the oils to your skin keeping the scent of your perfume, cologne or product lingering for longer.

Variance between seasons - The greater the variance of temperature or humidity between the seasons, the more that the product should be adjusted. Dry air and colder weather has your scent evaporating faster than the warmer summer months.

With Summer soon to be upon us, are you aware of the changes that your beauty regimen needs to undertake? Feel free to contact us to learn more about what is needed to be done for your scent recipe. Email us at


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