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Why Aroma Candles are Healthy for You…

You’ve probably heard by now about how toxic candles can be for you. More and more research is being conducted about the health hazards that candle burning can cause.

Candles of a petroleum-base paraffin wax candles emit harmful, toxic fumes and the side effects are more than just migraines and asthma related. Research that has been conducted has found that one can suffer with damage caused to one’s lungs, brain and or their central nervous system. Some research has claimed that candles can be a cancerous risk as well.

Many companies sell aromatherapy candles and claim essential oils as the natural scent of the candle, thus essentially making a consumer believe they are “healthier” candles. However, most manufacturers will blend soy, or beeswax, with that of a paraffin wax to lower their costs. Sometimes this will reflect in your sale price, and sometimes, you will still pay a higher price because it has the words/labeling such as “natural, essential oil, soy/beeswax candle.” Be Careful, unless it claims 100% soy/beeswax, the wax blend may stay have harmful paraffin's and you may be paying a higher price for a lower quality candle.

Aroma Candles are hand blended, using only 100% soy or beeswax and we use high quality, 100% essential oils in our creations. We believe in the highest quality. Always.

We have an array of candle blends- such as our “Breathe Easy Candle” for those who have sinus problems, colds or flu, or even struggle with headaches. We have a “Calm & Soothing Candle” for those who desire a calming, peaceful environment. The “Energizing Candle” offers a fresh, wake-me up scent that is perfect to get you going! Aroma offers a multitude of blends and we even create your very own blend- made for you by you!

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Aroma brings a whole new personalized approach to the health and beauty sector. You are the new glamorous model flaunting the hand blended, custom designed fragrances and products!

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