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Your skin is not your outer limits.

It is so easy to think that our skin represents our barrier to the world around us. As our outer coating, holding all our internal organs and other important parts within. Our skin can be thought to be like bark of a tree, something just to protect and hold us all together, however our skin is so much more than something that goes bronze with enough sun!

Our Skin is an organ of our body, and in fact the largest organ that we have. Our skin is a living, breathing part of us and requires the attention that any organ, say your heart would demand. We can all understand that what we put in our mouths with impact our bodies functionality, but what gets put on our skin will get absorbed into our bodies and bloodstream through our porous skin. Our skin will also be the membrane that what is within could to be excreted from. What we eat drink and do will impact not only the health of our skin, but also the pH of our skin and products used on it.

Do you know the pH of your skin and how it may fluctuate on an ongoing basis? Two people with different pH levels will have varied responses to identical products, purely based on the chemical reaction taking place on the surface of the skin organ as a product is placed on it. This chemical reaction shall continue through the skin and into the bloodstream depending on the products used.

Since our skin is not our bodies barrier to the world, and rather a porous layer allowing the bi-directional movement of chemical reactions, making sure that you are using products with the right pH level and "All Natural" origin is very important.

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Aroma brings a whole new personalized approach to the health and beauty sector. You are the new glamorous model flaunting the hand blended, custom designed fragrances and products!

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