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Alcohol-Free Hand-Sanitizer

All the shelves are empty in the department store with everyone looking to buy hand-sanitizers in an effort to ward off the coronavirus. There are two types of hand-sanitizers, the first type uses alcohol to kill bacteria, the second uses natural anti-bacterial ingredients to kill the germs and transmitted bacteria.

Conventional hand sanitizer can contain 60-95% alcohol to effectively kill germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, this high percentage of alcohol repeatedly strips the oils and moisture from the skin. Repeated use over time, leads to dry, chapped and even bleeding skin.

With people looking to apply hand-sanitizer numerous times a day, as they go about their typical business, this continued exposure to the alcohol-based hand-sanitizer will definitely aggravate the skin and dry it out.

To help combat the issues of dry and chapped skin, Aroma has created a moisturizing hand sanitizer recipe that effectively fights germs without drying the skin out. The Aroma hand-sanitizer uses the same recipe used in the Bokke Collection of skin remediation products to kill and draw any impurities off of the skin. The Bokke -Balm is used on open cuts to kill bacteria, draw out infections and expedite the healing process.

Another concern with alcohol-based hand sanitizers is the potential toxicity hazards upon ingestion. As a non-alcoholic and gentle hand-sanitizer to your skin, the Aroma Bokke Hand-Sanitizer can be applied all over the body and not only on your hands.

Aroma also only uses All-Natural ingredients as based on their philosophy that if you can not eat it, you should not be applying it to your skin. With the Bokke Hand-Sanitizer being made from All-Natural healthy ingredients, eating right after the application of the hand-sanitizer is not any concern.

The Aroma Bokke Hand -Sanitizer dries quickly leaving your hands soft and clean without any sticky feeling.

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