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How to Keep Your Body Scents for Longer

Perfume, cologne, and deodorants are dynamic and can smell different on everyone. There are many variables that impact how the fragrance notes can shift like your skin. Our body scents are impacted by pH balance, oil composition, body temperature, etc.

For this reason, Our Aroma creates personalized and custom perfumes, colognes, and deodorants.

How do you get an impactful scent to last longer through the day?

First, you need to understand how the scenting product works. It doesn't matter whether you are using perfume, cologne, or deodorant to get your scent, a natural product uses essential oils for the scent. These oils are blended and added to the "application" solution. For a natural deodorant stick, the scenting oils are added to butters, waxes, etc. These additives make it easier to apply scenting oils to our bodies.

The concentration of the scenting oils plays a key role. Our Aroma sticks to Eau de Parfum concentration levels (a percentage between 15 and 30% of the total product weight). The higher the concentration of oils, the longer that the scent will remain.

What else influences my lasting scent?

Oil and water do not mix! Scientifically that means that scenting (essential oils) or fragrance oils will not bond with water. The oil from your perfume, cologne, or deodorant needs to come into contact with your body's natural oils so that they can bond!

The number one reason that your scent may not be lasting is because of dehydrated skin! If you don't hydrate your skin, your perfume will practically vanish within the hour.

Scent straight after a shower

You may come across a popular hack to spray perfume on right after a shower. The reason this works—aside from the hot steam, which helps diffuse the fragrance—is because your skin is hydrated naturally from the water, which helps it latch on to the scent. After a shower, dry pat yourself with a towel, coat your body with a moisturizer to trap in all that water, then spritz a little fragrance.

Our Aroma is the world's leader in creating all-natural bath and body, and skincare products that are good for you and the environment!

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