With Valentine's Day Around the Corner, Will You Smell Your Best on Your Date?

So often when you first meet someone, their scent is something that sticks with you. When you are dating someone, their scent lingers in your nostrils a lot longer and a lot stronger.

If you are looking to impress someone this Valentine's Day, smelling your best is one of the best ways to make a great impression on them. Studies have shown how out of our 5 senses, the sense of smell is the strongest.

It is also important not to overload our bodies with fragrances. Everyone has encountered a person that smells like they literally bathed in their perfume before venturing out for the date.

What scents create the best impression?

Different scents can be used to evoke different emotions. If your date is in the evening, you are best advised to choose a woodsy or spicy scent. Base scent notes are typically woodsy and spicy.

Woodsy Scents


Oakmoss smells earthy, and woody, sensual with hints of musk and amber and is really not like anything else in the perfumer's 'palette' because it also works fantastically as a 'fixative' to give the scent a longer life on the skin.


The smell of frankincense varies both by species as well as soil and even weather conditions. However, in general, it could be described as aromatic, musty pine with notes of citrus and spice. It's an austere, earthy scent somewhat similar to rosemary.


Cardamom has a slightly sweet and spicy scent with a subtle woody touch to it. ... The woody background scent fades away for the most part. This leaves you with a spicy, sweet scent that has a seductive and pleasant quality to it.

You can learn more about scent descriptions on our Scent page.

Perfume or Deodorant?

There are a few major differences between perfumes and deodorants. Ultimately the main difference is the manner that is used to add scent to our body.

Many deodorants use cheap synthetic scenting as opposed to the higher quality oils used in perfume. However, Our Aroma creates designer deodorant sticks. We use the same high-quality essential oils in our deodorants as our perfumes and colognes. Using our perfume, cologne or deodorants will give you the same scent.

If you are not sure what scent to use in creating your own personalized scent for your date, you can not go wrong with our Spicy Son for men or the Daughters Collection for women!

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